What we want to solve in LIGHTSPEED 

Almost 40% of UK households do not have off-street parking​ To aid the decarbonisation of mobility and switch to E.V.s, ​ the UK needs to rapidly accelerate the deployment of public charging infrastructure.​ Challenges hindering mass roll out of on-street public charging:​
  • Network capacity requirements ​
  • Local planning rules and the desire for less street furniture​
  • Current lamp-post charging is slow​
  • Public charging is often more expensive than off-street​ ​

Project Lightspeed Overview

Design a two-way electric vehicle charging point used to convert traditional lampposts into a V2G/X EV charging network that supports fast bi-directional charging.​ Increase charging availability and provide flexibility to the grid. ​ Deployment for new EV charge point installations and infrastructure. ​ Integrate battery storage and renewable generation via EMS to enable smart EVcharging, load management and V2G/X. ​ ​

The projects aim is to develop and test two use cases:

  • In new developments/new charge points ​

  • Retrofitting existing lampposts

Cost to Consumer
V2G/X lamppost charger will enable smart and flexible charging, enabling  reductions in the price of charging a customer EV
Network Avoided Costs
Flexible lamppost-based EV solution, deployed across Local Authorities, reducing the need for network reinforcement by providing services to the grid.​
GHG Emissions
Lightspeed will help to increase the uptake of EVs from diesel/petrol cars by giving residents without on-street parking access to on-street charging. This will deliver GHG emissions benefits

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