FLEXSHIP concept

The FLEXSHIP concept consists of six key elements, together these key elements developed in FLEXSHIP will allow ship owners to electrify their fleet in a seamless manner with a one-stop solution that can be scaled to fit the needs of individual vessels.

  • Design of the electrical grid architecture including controls, and connection with energy providers and charging strategies;

  • Optimal and safe operation management (intelligent BMS, energy management system (EMS), power management system (PMS), connection to cloud);

  • Modelling tools, incl. the FLEXSHIP Green Digital Twin;

  • A rack-less and modular battery system (incl. highpower/high-energy batteries, DC switchboard, active safety, and thermal management system);

  • Safe integration and validation of the system via multi-level HiL and SiL testing in the Green Digital Twin environment;

  • Demonstration of the full-scale system onboard FLEXSHIP’s two demonstration vessels (one fully electric and one electric-hybrid)

FLEXSHIP Concept for electrification of vessels by optimization of large battery electric power systems within fully battery electric and hybrid ships 


The overall goal of FLEXSHIP is to develop and validate safe and reliable, flexible, modular, and scalable solutions for electrification of the waterborne sector. This includes the reliable design and development of modular battery packs; safe on-board integration including the battery system and its associated electrical distribution grid into the vessel’s existing power grid; optimal design of energy management system (EMS) to maximise the operational flexibility (of different vessels under different operation scenarios) and energy efficiency (of both full-electric and hybrid solution), and smart control for improved lifetime of the battery system and critical power components.
The European Green Deal sets ambitious targets to reach net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050
There is a large potential for incorporating batteries in the waterborne fleet if these challenges can be tackled.
FLEXSHIP will develop and validate large battery system integration innovations for the waterborne sector and will push the technology up the TRL ladder starting from TRL 4/5 and ending at TRL 7.

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