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We champion solutions addressing the energy trilemma of security, equity, and environmental sustainability, leveraging data for greener and more environmentally friendly solutions to tackle future challenges.

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About OtaskiES

Otaski Energy Solutions (OtaskiES) leverages data, engineering and cutting-edge technology solutions to solve existing energy system challenges. With a key focus on decarbonisation and improving energy efficiency, the company’s scope encompasses product ideation, design, engineering and business modelling. In October 2023, OtaskiES was named lead partner on the UK government funded FLEXET project under the V2X Innovation Programme by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. OtaskiES is also part of the EU-funded FLEXSHIP and HYPOBATT consortia.

Bidirectional Technology

Bidirectional power charging, encompassing both Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities in Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, represents a transformative innovation in the realm of sustainable energy solutions. G2V allows EVs to draw power from the grid for charging, while V2G enables these vehicles to discharge excess energy back to the grid when needed. This bidirectional functionality not only supports the efficient charging of EVs but also positions them as dynamic contributors to grid stability and energy management. By serving as mobile energy storage units, EVs with bidirectional charging capabilities play a pivotal role in balancing energy demand, promoting environmental sustainability, and creating opportunities for users to actively engage in energy markets.

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