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Sustainable Infrastructure

Most marketplaces in Africa are typically constructed from materials that do not allow for temperature-controlled storage of perishable goods, which results in high levels of post-harvest losses (PHL). An estimated £1.6 billion of income is lost in eastern & southern Africa alone every year due to post-harvest wastage
Food spoilage is a health, economic and environmental hazard that leads to resource waste.

Africa's Eco-Energy Marketplace

OtaskiES is pioneering Africa’s first intelligent marketplace utilising renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, and machine learning energy management technology to deliver tailored place-based circular economies and reduce energy cost/emission in marketplaces. This is targeted at achieving scalable sustainable energy, reducing food wastage in the agricultural value chain and providing equality, diversity and social inclusion.

OtaskiES offers:

 A path to an efficient & sustainable food systems which will further result in cleaner environment & improved income for locals.
Architectural and energy design
AI energy data management
Infrastructure build

Other OtaskiES sustainable infrastructure solutions include:

OtaskiES Temperature Controlled Storage

Smart Fish Kiosk

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