Otaski Energy Solutions 

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About OtaskiES

Otaski Energy Solutions focuses on developing intelligence to save money, energy and reduced carbon footprints by implementing our cutting-edge INtuitIV technology. We believe technology can help humanity to take a greener and more environmentally friendly approach to tackle the key challenges generated by energy needs.

INtuitIV Technology

INtuitIV is an AI based streetlight dimming technology that incorporates various data sources to monitor and control streetlights, in the process reducing lighting consumption by 50% and carbon emission; creating energy availability for other smart city infrastructures.
Our technology has the capability of freeing up energy from streetlights which can be re-appropriated for existing and future smart city infrastructure such as EV chargers, environmental sensors, 3D Immersive Environment , 5G communication, digital advertising and more.

Let's collaborate

OtaskiES is always looking for new partners to work on various projects.