About us

Otaski Energy Solutions

Otaski Energy Solutions (OtaskiES) facilitates data-driven energy savings, cost and emission reduction by implementing our cutting edge technology, INtuitIV. 

We leverage tech and engineering innovations to solve current energy system challenges. We believe in the low carbon future, decarbonisation and creating efficient energy system by shared energy and data circular economy. 

We understand the place of energy efficiency and efficient energy use in delivering a cleaner and safer climate for us all. Thus, our focus is on energy sourcing and energy system design, management, operations solutions that are tailored, customer-centric and market-ready. 

We are machine learning behavioural change and grid-scale energy consumption profiles to implement cost savings and emission reduction that are operator/user-led

We are championing solutions targeted at solving the energy trilemma of security, energy equity and environmental sustainability. 
We believe data can be leveraged to help humanity by developing greener and environmentally acceptable solutions in order the tackle the challenges future challenges.